Yushiro Atsumichi

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Before 2206

Yushiro Atsumichi is a middle-aged corsac fox, whose surname was changed from Kenshin to Atsumichi, following his marriage. He is the husband of Misato Atsumichi, a past CEO of the Atsumichi Cybernetics corporation, the father of Sugarashi Atsumichi, the corporation's current CEO, and the younger brother of Yozuko Kenshin, an Administrator within the company. Yushiro, in comparison to most of his immediate family, has very little influence in company affairs. He lives a rather cushy life benefiting from the general inheritance and work put in by his wife Misato.

Yushiro considers himself lucky to have impressed Misato enough to be graced with her love and eventual hand in marriage. Though, Yushiro is sometimes teased, usually by Administrators, for supposedly freeloading off of Misato's love and money. Administrators know that they are not allowed to physically harm any relative of the Atsumichi family, though many of them have been seen looming menacingly over him and otherwise giving him humorous orders and errands to do.