Yozuko Kenshin

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Before 2206

Yozuko Kenshin is a Cyberian middle-aged corsac fox who works for the Atsumichi Cybernetics corporation in the City of Overcast. He is the uncle of the current chief executive officer (CEO) of Atsumichi Cybernetics, Sugarashi Atsumichi; specifically the brother of Sugarashi's father, Yushiro Atsumichi. Yozuko and Yushiro are brothers; the only two of their immediate family. Yozuko is the older of the two by roughly a year, though Yushiro is the only one of the two who married. Some time after Yushiro's marriage, Yozuko joined the Atsumichi corporation through a formal invitation from his brother's wife and CEO at the time, Misato Atsumichi.

In the current day, Yozuko serves the Atsumichi corporation partly as a close asset to Sugarashi, and officially as one of its most skilled and elusive Administrators, despite allegedly being minimally cyberized, if not completely natural to begin with. Yozuko, through seniority and various other rather unintentional acts, has earned himself a place as a popular role model within the Atsumichi's Administrators, almost like that of a celebrity. Many of the less-experienced Administrators are big fans of him, and wish to learn from him. Though, Yozuko himself often dislikes the consistent recognition the fame brings, which contributes to his scarcity.

Yozuko isn't seen often, yet it has been said that he is a humble and respectful man who much prefers to be in calm company. He makes himself scarce because he simply wishes for a simpler time away from the hustle and bustle that most of his colleagues live in. His fans like to come up with all manner of humorous theories on what Yozuko does when 'in hiding'. A common belief is that he passes the time by completing errands for the elderly and keeping them company. Unlike other Administrators, Yozuko doesn't do much contract pitching or repossession; however, he is well-known for finishing any corporate mission he is given with surgical precision, even if the missions only come occasionally.

Yozuko has a smoking habit; so much so that it is uncommon, though not exactly rare, to see him without a lit cigarette or at least a pack of them. Yozuko, just like many other Administrators, carries a sword with him almost everywhere he goes.