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Before 2206

Vega Lahti Eversnow is a middle-aged snow leopard and registered nurse living in Overcast, Cyberia. Before 2164, her name was simply Vega Lahti. This was changed when she married Bérenger Eversnow, and took his surname as her own. Vega carried a child between the two of them around the same year, and gave birth to a healthy son who they happily named Garland Eversnow. Vega was born Pudasjärvi, Finland, where she lived for a number of her childhood years as the middle child of three sisters total, before moving to Cyberia and eventually gaining a dual citizenship. Though she learned English and Russian after moving to Cyberia, she still has an obvious Finnish accent.



Vega was born in Pudasjärvi, Finland, as the second child of a later total of three daughters. Vega's sisters were frequently at odds with each other, and so she would often be the mediator between her older and younger sisters, ensuring that the two didn't hurt each other's familial relationship. All three grew quite close to one another, not to mention with their parents as well. The Finnish sisters went to the same primary and secondary schools up to young adulthood, but some time after graduation of the latter, Vega eventually moved to Cyberia under the sponsorship of a popular life sciences college.


With generous support from both her parents, Vega lived and studied at Zhizni Nauka Institute in Overcast, Cyberia. She maintained contact with her family by often calling home to her parents and sisters, and talking about how life was going, both personally and socially, in the new residence. Some of her very first classes involved learning the English and Russian languages, similar to how public school youth in the country learned from the start. This was also one of the first step in securing a lasting citizenship in the country. A number of years later, a recognition agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and the ASC Department of Foreign Affairs resulted in the granting of a dual citizenship, officially labeling her a Finnish-Cyberian. Vega later graduated with a bachelor degree in nursing, and went on to secure a job in a relevant field as a civilian hospital worker. To this day she still works within the same career field.


When Vega started her college classes in Cyberia, she soon met a classmate by the name of Bérenger Eversnow, another snow leopard. She figured he could be the best person to ask for help on many different fronts, including how to speak English more properly, and what things were and were not socially accepted in such a different nation than in Finland. Vega quickly became attached to Bérenger since he was so helpful, yet busy, always contacting him about things that were foreign to her; though a lot of it was similar, just done differently.

Vega and Bérenger kept in increasingly close contact between one another for a few years beyond the classroom, later speaking personally to one another about starting a family. Ultimately, the conclusion was met in the heat of the moment when Vega fell pregnant with Bérenger's child. The two naturally had a brief worry about the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, however they quickly came to accept it and fondly plan for its completion. Part of this plan was a small wedding and a marriage, of which their immediate families and friends of family were in attendance.

New Family

Vega gave birth to her one and only child on the 17th of January, 2164. Before the birth, the child was granted two given names, one from each parent, following the naming convention that was used for her husband's names. The first name was Alabaster, given by the father, and the middle name was Garland, given by Vega, the mother. The surname followed after the father's; Eversnow. Alabaster Garland Eversnow was born a healthy son, and was well-raised by his parents all throughout childhood. Vega herself was a confident and diligent mother, who was and still is always by her son's side. As he grew, Vega helped him make sense of a lot of complicated topics both in school and in the broader world which, including the father's experience, contributed quite a bit to his success.

Personality and Traits

Vega is a very sweet and gentle woman, who greatly enjoys her time around family, and would do anything for them given the chance, almost to the point of becoming an overbearing mother to her only child. Even though the two were quite self-sufficient, Vega supported her husband and son to the fullest extent. The son, Garland, specifically grew into a similarly sweet personality due to her loving presence around him all his life. To this day, Vega still checks up on her son, her son's husband, and one of their children, even becoming a third major parental figure in the latter's life as well.