Before 2206
Beyond 2206

Sugarashi Atsumichi is the youngest blood member of the famed Atsumichi family, and the youngest of his kin to be appointed the head the family's company, Atsumichi Cybernetics, having only been 18 years old when he was granted the company in 2195. Sugarashi was personally handed the titles of CEO and chairman by the previous top ranking official, Misato Atsumichi, his mother. By gaining control of the Atsumichi company, he also took control of an expansive, loyal body of organized extralegal personnel, which put him in a high position of power within the east-asian communities of Cyberian cities, as well as putting a ton of responsibility on his shoulders. In some circles, he is also known to be the youngest person to begin converting his natural body into an artificial one, by his own personal request.



Sugarashi was born to Misato and Yushiro Atsumichi in 2177. Misato, at the time, was the current CEO of the family corporation, as well as the first female to earn that position. Misato raised Sugarashi on a high class society standard, not as a spoiled son, but as a son that shows his peers and elders that he deserves to carry the label of such class. As he grew up, he was homeschooled by various family members including his mother, all of which found him to be quite proficient at absorbing new skills, especially those along the lines of science and critical thinking. At government-mandated dates throughout the year, he was taken to public schools to attend standardized testing to confirm that he was indeed learning and retaining the subjects that other Cyberian youth were, much like grade school finals. Sugarashi actually obtained a high school diploma around the age of 16, due to starting the focused homeschooling environment earlier than most children start first grade.

Beyond homeschooling, Sugarashi was also taught all about his family history, the family's business, the company's goals and obstacles, and he met with many of the company personnel that kept the business running. He often showed a great fondness for the company, and especially for its cyborg-focused products, called biomechatronics, that they produced and maintained. Sugarashi was firmly taught that the major opposing force against the company itself, was the Cyberian government, who are no strangers to imposing restrictions on who can and cannot receive cyborg modifications and for what reasons. He was always eager to learn about the family as well as the company they built up; however, the more he learned, the more he grew to dislike not only the authoritative government, but his own family as well for being too complacent on biomechatronics regulations.

Early Reign as CEO

Being a momma's boy, Sugarashi expressed to her his concerns on the company's complacency on multiple occasions, to which she consistently assured him it was for the best at that point in time. On his eighteenth birthday, Sugarashi had been generously entrusted with running the Atsumichi corporation from the very top, while his mother stepped down to a lower advisory position, just like a number of other blood relatives of his. Sugarashi had so suddenly been given all the power and responsibility to dictate what direction the company headed in, that he almost didn't know what to do with it. It was something he had been wanting ever since he learned of the company's original mission. Almost immediately, he took the power used it to strengthen his main strong-arming force, the Administrators, as well as himself all the while.

His first plan was to test the waters. He frequently shared with his Administrator ranks his dream he had for the future of the country, and perhaps the world. Sugarashi would very often assert that the government of the Antarctic State had "postponed the next stage of evolution" for far too long, and that the era of transhumanism will come to "deliver the people unto a life free from nature's limits". Sugarashi had an intense confidence in the ability of his company's products to change the lives of any person for the better, via replacing the natural body or parts of it with synthetic cybernetics. A significant portion of his men, especially the Administrators, found his beliefs quite noble and worth supporting through strengthened loyalty.

Seeing the boost in the will to loyally fight for his dream, Sugarashi began to see to it that his Administrator ranks were strengthened. Specifically, they began to be trained in aggressive martial arts and swordsmanship, among other offensive and defensive tactics, all for the purpose of gaining and maintaining an edge on many different fronts, but especially in the inevitable point in time that he must confront the lawmakers of Cyberia. At some point, he even ordered the Administrators to begin replacing their natural body parts with high-end cybernetic prosthetics, courtesy of the very corporation they worked for. The eventual result had reliably transformed an already formidable band of brothers into Sugarashi's very own cyborg army; raising their limits and skills far beyond that of the average well-built adult.

At the same time as his Administrators' training, Sugarashi also took the time to meet with the corporate engineers and surgeons responsible for creating and applying all manner of cyborg parts to an otherwise natural body. He wanted very much for them to change his own body for the better, but was unsure of which path to take first. Sugarashi considered replacing his limbs at first, but decided not to. Then he considered replacing his eyes; however, he found the idea bland in comparison to something much more invasive. Sugarashi finally personally pleaded for his surgeons to operate on his brain; to implant it with various devices and augmentations that would later become the foundation for further conversion into his short-term goal, an artificial body. Sugarashi was entirely knowledgeable in the risks and side effects of having his brain tampered with; however, he was more than ready to take the plunge into exactly what he believed in: surpassing the limits of biology.

Personality and Beliefs

Sugarashi comes off as a very motivated and sly young man with grandiose plans for his future, the future of his company, and the future of the Cyberian people. Coming from a family heavily involved with cybernetics, he believes strongly in a plethora of benefits that said cybernetics deliver to the person. He is infatuated with the notion of "breaking the chains of biology" through the integration of cybernetic prosthetics and similar equipment into the body. Sugarashi even wishes to bestow these 'chain-breaking' benefits onto the public at large, bringing them, in his mind, to a level above that of the natural born person.

He is impeded however, by the government which he operates under the umbrella of; who pull no punches when it comes to restricting the proliferation of cybernetics within the country. To combat this, Sugarashi identifies strongly with the original goal of the Atsumichi corporation, which was to persuade the government to ease the restrictions by which civilians may acquire cybernetic prosthetics, for more than simply medical purposes. In addition to this original mission, Sugarashi also believes that his family has not done nearly enough in the pursuit of this mission, which has led to a flaring of passion to rectify this perceived problem.

Sugarashi has come to prefer more drastic, or otherwise pragmatic measures, to achieve short and long-term company goals, due to his family's sluggish gait in regards to those very same goals. He asserts that his family is too soft, and that it is his duty to fix that. Sugarashi shows signs of a budding messiah complex, in that he believes he knows what is right for the ascension of mankind on an overall scale, through extensive physiological integration with cybernetics. Sugarashi fully intends to show the people of Cyberia how they can exceed the limits placed on them by mother nature, and not only that, but allow them to enter into a higher state of interactivity between one another, possibly even on a global scale, through connecting the self with cyberspace.