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Before 2206
Beyond 2206

Sugarashi Atsumichi is best described as a nearly fully synthetic person, and one of the first of his kind in Cyberia. Over a length of time, he used his position as CEO of Atsumichi Cybernetics to have his best employees transition him from a natural person into a heavily modified cyborg, while retaining all memories, personality, and many other mannerisms of his natural life. Sugarashi proudly uses himself as an example of how the people can rise above their natural limits and transcend the boundary between person and computer, actively advocating for the means to bring extensive cyborg technology to the rest of the Cyberian population.

Being the CEO of the Atsumichi corporation, Sugarashi also maintains control of the Atsumichi-kai, a large organized crime syndicate operating under the otherwise legitimate umbrella of a cybernetics corporation. Beyond just his company, Sugarashi also has under his wing a significant body of civilians who follow his newfound creed of transhumanism, i.e. a loyal following consisting of people sympathetic to the rapid rise of cyborgs led by none other than Sugarashi himself.


Artificial Body

With the help of cybernetics engineers, programmers, surgeons, and other employees, Sugarashi made a nearly full transition from a natural-born person into a total cyborg. It started with his brain; with hardware that facilitated the brain's safe compartmentalization from the rest of the body. Over time, more and more upgrades resulted in more and more of his brain being encased and replaced with hardware to varying degrees. Further over time, he had parts of his body replaced, starting with the limbs inward, ultimately reaching the point where he had his entire body replaced with an artificial one, torso and all. Only a relatively small percentage of his natural brain remains. With the extent of his cybernetic transformation given the spotlight, it is arguable whether he is more accurately considered a cyborg or an android. The fact of the matter is that he retains his natural-born self, which is now contained in an artificial shell.

Sugarashi's artificial brain and body have greatly enhanced all five of his otherwise natural senses beyond even that of a great outlier. They also grant him heightened ability and heightened limits in all common aspects of life, including but not limited to enhanced strength, dexterity, reflex, mental processing, and reaction time. Beyond his body's physical ability, it is also capable of interfacing with computers and computer systems, given the right wired or wireless connections. This is to say, that he can mentally link with digital systems, experiencing cyberspace on an entirely different plane of existence than any other person. Specialized cybernetic science employees, similar to those who had programmed his body to begin with, have written multiple proprietary safeguards and failsafes that protect his mind and body from attacks and reckless behavior in cyberspace, ensuring that he remains unaffected in the case of danger.

There is little in the way of objective disadvantage that Sugarashi now has over the average person—one of the major ones being that he cannot ingest regular food anymore—however, it can be noted that the average person would most likely not be able to afford the start-up cost of a total cybernetic body, which is arguably contrary to his belief that anyone can achieve such a level of transhumanism. Sugarashi has now become well-adjusted to a life well outside the box of the natural. It may likely be difficult for the unmodified person to comprehend the full extent of living with an artificial body as advanced as his. Sugarashi shows pride in himself and his company for achieving such a feat of cybernetic engineering, and often votes himself as one prime example of what the highest state of transhumanism can achieve.

Position of Power

Sugarashi heads the famed Atsumichi Cybernetics Inc. company, which includes one of the larger organized crime syndicates present within the nation of the Antarctic State. Since his inauguration at a young eighteen years old, the Atsumichi extended family of company men have been put through more than a decade of training, transformation, and expansion, all of which was ordered by Sugarashi. That is, Sugarashi is responsible for bringing forth skilled corporate swordsmen to various markets. By his command. most of his employee base has undergone some sort of transhumanist alteration, including but not limited to limb replacement, eye replacement, brain cyberization, and more. By far, the internal group with the highest percentage of cyborgs are the Administrators, who are Sugarashi's direct subordinates and main troop force in an abundance of extralegal needs.

Being one of very few cybernetics companies to legally exist in the Antarctic State, not much competition has arisen to oppose the Atsumichi corporation; however, that has not stopped Sugarashi from spearheading innovation in the cybernetics market, due significantly to Sugarashi ordering a large chunk of his own staff to undergo cybernetic integration, on top of having himself be extensively integrated as well. It is thanks to these significant successful alterations to himself its employees, that the Atsumichi Corp, and by extension its CEO, have a great deal of power on a number of fronts.

The Atsumichi corp has found its most lucrative markets in the East Asian community, which is present in varying capacities across all Cyberian cities. Prior to his reign, the Atsumichi corporation was still a dominant force in the criminal underworld, however it was more of a shadowed threat, as opposed to the active hazard that they have become under Sugarashi within at least the last decade. Since Sugarashi's inauguration, within their territory, "The Atsumichi" are now more commonly known to be bloodthirsty businessmen who run a large chunk of local criminal infrastructure, and defend their interests through the use of violence.

Position of Faith

Since the acquisition of his top rank in the Atsumichi, his long-term goals had slowly but surely molded his views on the the state of the nation and its citizens. Being in control of a corporation whose market revolves around cybernetic prosthetics, he knows all there is to know about their benefits, weaknesses, and grey areas. Sugarashi firmly believes that the benefits of cybernetics greatly outweigh any other aspect of them, and furthermore he asserts that the proliferation of cybernetic integration is the proper next stage in evolution for all sentient life on Earth.

With his near-totally artificial body in mind, it comes as no surprise that Sugarashi sees himself as the keeper of the cyborg era in Cyberia; as the deliverer of the people unto an age where their biological limits fall by the wayside, until they eventually become irrelevant altogether. He even goes so far as to suggest that he has previously died and been reborn into a highly technologically advanced body. Sugarashi wants nothing more than to lift the populace up with him in the ascension to transhumanism and beyond, so much so that he has gained a still-growing congregation of ardent followers who share, or have been convinced to feel, similar grandiose wishes.

Sugarashi cites the Cyberian government as his biggest obstacle in his endeavors; antagonists to his wish for society to enjoy a life freed from the chains of nature, as the authorities have long since enforced what have recently been dubbed anti-cyborg laws. It's been acknowledged that Sugarashi and his corporation have a large enough body of sympathizers to make up a small community that is almost detached from the rest of society, and may even have the capability to outright do so.

Personality and Traits

Sugarashi thinks of himself as a noble man with noble goals. He generally carries himself like blue-blooded royalty who frequents high society life. Though, that is not to say that he is arrogant or insolent. Sugarashi exudes an aura of class, and conducts himself in a professional manner, if not marginally condescending. Sugarashi genuinely wants to help people, in that he wants to further the proliferation of cybernetic integration, for the benefit of society. This wish has grown into a veritable messiah complex, evident in his assertion that he will be the one to save the population from an eternity of never adventuring beyond the cradle of mother nature.

Despite his possible delusions, Sugarashi has gained and maintained a follower base, which he treats with the love of an evangelist. Furthermore, he treats his closest subordinates like brothers. Due in large part to his reign as Atsumichi CEO, he is one to enjoy having others carry out a plethora of tasks for him, though he has proven to be capable of handling things himself should the need arise. It's been shown that he issues orders to his subordinates with little regard for the well-being of anyone but the subordinates themselves, suggesting that he does not care very deeply for those that he doesn't have a use for, and that he may feign interest in that regard. Thanks to his artificial body, Sugarashi has arguably more in common with a computer than he does with a person; perhaps fueling his situational coldness.

Though he has brotherly love for his subordinates, Sugarashi has mixed feelings regarding his blood family. On one hand, he is grateful to the Atsumichi family for having brought up such an amazing company; however, on the other hand, he sometimes fights with them about old and tired issues. For example, Sugarashi faced opposition from his family in the context of his transition into a synthetic body, which had been ultimately overruled by his rank and position as CEO and chairman. As another example, he recognizes that he breaks a certain taboo within the familial culture, where one should not tease death in any way, and which can be said he violates through the notion that he has become much more resilient to death, and the debatable belief that he could even make copies of his own consciousness. Sugarashi's blood relatives have also disproved of his relatively drastic measures taken to achieve personal and company goals, i.e. the organized violence, and he maintains that his family is largely powerless to stop him.