Samuel Redford

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Before 2206

Samuel Dancer Redford IV is a young canid with an easily bored personality. He shares a name with a number of his ancestors, the first of which was born in 1966. In the year 2206, he works as a cashier at an electronics store, and has been for a couple years. Samuel loves to socialize, shown in the fact that very often asks if his friends, roommates, and other acquaintances would like to meet up and hang out at varying times of day. Samuel is a pretty trustful and reliable person, whose closer friends would describe him as an easygoing guy who loves to chill out and talk in small groups.

Outside of work, Sam considers himself to be an avid marijuana enthusiast, who smokes and/or consumes marijuana products on a near-daily basis. He lives in a terribly unkempt two-story house with two other roommates, where dirty dishes fill the sinks and the tabletops are full of objects.