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Before 2206

Ryan Coppernick (3 November 2123 — 27 June 2160) was a citizen and civilian of the City of Overcast, Cyberia, who was found dead in his kitchen in a pool of his own blood from a stab wound to the heart. He is the twin brother of Ron Coppernick, who died on the same day less than an hour after Ryan.


Physical Description

Ryan Coppernick is a tall and lanky arctic hare with digitigrade legs. His eyes are completely grey in the irises, and have round pupils. He has white fur all over, plus multiple black fur markings; around the nose, around each eye, and on the tips of his long ears. Ryan usually dresses in common blue jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a black jacket. Under normal circumstances, he tends to have a seemingly bored, and/or sad expression on his face, and generally presents himself in a timid, non-threatening manner.


Ryan was born to arctic hare parents on the 3rd of November 2123 as the first child in a set of identical twins. Being the first-born son, Ryan would often refer to himself as the 'big' brother of the two, and refer to his brother Ron as the 'little' brother. Ryan and his twin brother grew up close throughout their grade school years, but with an understanding of a reasonable amount of personal space being kept between each other. This later developed into the brothers finding differing interests outside of family affairs.

After his high school graduation, Ryan continued to live with his parents for several years. During these years, Ryan worked a number of jobs, and got in trouble with the law multiple times. After racking up a criminal record comprised of many small and moderate offenses, Ryan was issued a last-chance job opportunity in the form of an electrician apprenticeship. Ryan spent the next few years as a blue-collar worker going through extensive on-the-job training, as well as attending some college classes as needed for proper licensing to become a residential electrician. Using his newfound stable source of income, Ryan eventually bought a small one-story house, which he then lived in by himself.

Ryan later lost his residential electrician's license due to faulty wiring under his watch causing severe property damage in a family's home. Having lost his only income, Ryan was then forced to subsist on familial assistance via his parents and brother, and government assistance via the Department of Civilian Affairs.


On the 27th of June 2160, Ryan Coppernick was first picked up by the Overcast subway system's surveillance in the evening carrying a silver briefcase onto the train with him. Ryan travelled for a few stations, before getting off to meet up with his brother, Ron, who came to meet Ryan in-person. The brothers then boarded the next train together, and continued to travel in Ryan's initial direction. The two eventually exited the train at Mayakovskaya Station, and subsequently the station itself at roughly 19:50. Ryan and Ron were later picked up on camera at a vehicle impound owned by the Department of Civilian Affairs (DCA). DCA records show that Ron fully paid $5,000 ARD for the reacquisition of Ryan's vehicle from the impound, while surveillance footage shows a minor verbal argument between the two immediately beforehand. Ryan presumably drove Ron straight to the former's home shortly after.

Following an anonymous 911 emergency call, Ryan was later found dead inside his home, laid on his back beside an eight-inch kitchen knife covered in his blood, and possessing a deep stab wound in the abdomen. DCA autopsy results concluded that Ryan had ultimately died from rapid blood loss due to his heart being punctured with a sharpened object that was inserted into the abdomen, through the diaphragm, underneath the sternum, and into both ventricles.

Criminal Investigation

Ryan Coppernick's death was investigated by Section 2 of Public Security. After the investigation, various physical and digitally recorded sources of information later pieced together heavy implications that Ryan was murdered by his twin brother, Ron Coppernick. Publically-released information on the matter points to the brothers spending some personal time together after a rather long separation as one of the supporting contributors to Ron being the main suspect. Contributors to Ron being the main suspect also include the fact Ron was pulled over in Ryan's car soon after the latter's death, and the fact that Ron was later discovered to have had Ryan's blood staining the fabric and material of his jeans and shoes, respectively.

It was later officially declared that Ryan Coppernick died at the hands of his twin brother, Ron Coppernick, who then killed themselves via suicide by cop. The case is considered closed by SF and PS authorities alike.