Misato Atsumichi

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Before 2206

Misato Atsumichi is a middle-aged corsac fox, perhaps best known for heading the Atsumichi Cybernetics corporation as its CEO between the years of 2180 and 2195. She is the only female of the Atsumichi family to have held such a position, as well as the shortest-serving CEO out of the six in total generations that the company has been in business. Misato only served for fifteen years in the position, before personally handing the title down to her one and only son, Sugarashi Atsumichi, who was only eighteen years old at the time.

Misato handed over control of the company because of her sympathies in line with her son's wishes for the company's otherwise stagnant future. She believed his rather eccentric course of action would perhaps be best handled by someone whose personality was better suited to vicious business practices and risk of flesh and blood. After she stepped down as CEO, she entered an advisory position which would always be there to help her son understand how the corporate world works.