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Before 2206

Maximilliano Valentino Morterero, nicknamed Max, is a non-binary Cyberian sphynx cat formerly affiliated with the Antarctic State Military under the Department of Civilian Affairs. Now separated from the military, Maximilliano is currently employed as an enthusiastic aircraft mechanic and engine tester for commercial airlines. He is considered to be an old and wise member in a cult of sphynx cats.


Physical Description

Max is a somewhat masculine, near-furless sphynx cat with especially large and triangular ears, a black nose, and yellow, slit-pupil eyes. His fur is black in color, fuzzy to the touch, and extremely short all over; short enough that the pink skin underneath easily shows through, causing him to appear grey. The fur is slightly longer on his face, and slightly thinner down the front of his torso. Due to his lack of a proper fur coat, he is most often seen wearing layers of clothing of all sorts of designs, with the addition of scarves, gloves, hats, thick jackets, and/or specially insulative clothing designed to appear thin like regular garments.


Maximilliano was born in Texas, Cyberia to Valentino Morterero and Jade Ximenes, a lower-middle class unmarried couple, on the 12th of March 2140. He was given the name Maximilliano by his mother, and the middle name of Valentino by his father, which is a running tradition in the extended Morterero family. Max lived with Valentino and Jade as their one and only child for the entirety of his childhood years, where the family lived a largely peaceful and frugal lifestyle. He was raised on a blend of his parents' hispanic cultures, and was passively taught the Spanish language outside of school. At an early age, Max found himself caught up in a positive interest in aircraft, especially that of fixed-wing, commercial airplanes. By the time Max was in high school, he idolized people like aircraft assemblymen and mechanics, and wanted to work closely with airplanes himself, often speaking to his peers and parents about his interests.

Max's parents expressed cautious optimism around conversations involving his wishes, for it would take a large amount of time and money to actualize his dreams. Even though his parents could not afford to supply Max with the necessary education for his needs, he was determined to make things work in his favor eventually. Max later decided to join the Antarctic State Military in hopes of finding a job relevant to planes; however, he was ultimately declined such a position, and instead placed in a job where he worked a number of tasks revolving around civilian cars.

Military Assignment

Maximilliano willingly joined the Antarctic State Military at the age of eighteen under a four-year contract, after having been convinced by a recruiter that the act of serving the military would in turn serve Max's future. After passing an aptitude test and a medical evaluation, Max was flown to Castle Ramiel to attend basic military training. His time in training was a difficult yet not impossible one. Near the end of his initial training, Max was granted the opportunity to select a small number of jobs he was interested, out of the batch that he qualified for at that starting point in his career. Out of his selection, the State Military technically placed him in a job field working on vehicles; however, it was not with aircraft as he had originally hoped.

For the next four years, Max lived a somewhat monotonous lifestyle while working for the Office of Transportation, a division of the ASC Department of Civilian Affairs responsible for vehicle registration, driver licensing, vehicle impoundment, and other similar activities. During roughly the whole of his first year in the military, Maximilliano resented his recruiter and superiors for giving him hope and then snuffing it soon after. Later on, Max became largely indifferent to the military as a whole, treating it as a means to an end in a long-term goal. At the end of his military contract, Max separated from the State Military with an honorable discharge, and more importantly in his mind, with full benefits including an essentially free full ride through college.

College & Adult Life

After his time in the military, Maximilliano flew back to his home city of Texas and reunited fondly with his parents. For a relatively short time, Max moved back into his parents' home while he pursued acceptance into various college programs, eventually being invited to an aeronautical wing of Overcast's Kadic Academy. He then had to separate from his parents once again and fly back to the aforementioned city in order to attend the offered bachelor's degree program at the academy. Max's classes, required materials, room, and board were all paid for by his military benefits for as long as he made reasonable progress on his degree program. For another four years, Max found himself in a consistent lifestyle, albeit with more freedom and opportunities to his name.

In the latter months of his college education, Maximilliano was offered a small number of jobs in the aerospace field, of which he chose to be a mechanic for commercial airliners, both passenger and cargo types. As time went on, Max learned even more than he thought he would about the in's and out's of fixed-wing aircraft through hands-on training and physical work. His wealth of knowledge eventually resulted in many promotions, and Maximilliano now works as a rebuilder for gas turbine engines of all kinds for use in aviation.

Personality & Traits

Max is an approachable man with a cautious sense of confidence in his abilities. Having conquered many challenges in his life, Max readily welcomes new ones, and subsequently carries a personality that's interested in solving problems on behalf of others. Age has not slowed him down very much, though he does like to take most things at a slow analytical pace. Max also has an easygoing sense of humor, often joking about how he performs surgery on airplanes, and including the ability to make light of issues at his own expense.

Max considers himself to be non-binary in gender identity, and presents himself in a masculine manner. Similarly, he finds himself readily attracted to people of all genders. Despite the fact that he makes a considerable amount of money from his job, Maximilliano continues to live a modest and frugal lifestyle, reminiscent of the life he grew up living. He has a number of close friends, most of which were or still are colleagues of his. Over time, he has earned and enjoyed many nicknames which stem from shortening his actual name, including Emile, Max, Mort, and Val.