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About the Writing

The Antarctic State is a 21st-23rd century post-cyberpunk speculative fiction world-building framework born from the creative thought processes of its creator, DELTA, in the year of 2008.

While there is not an all-encompassing story, there are multiple individual, multifaceted and nuanced constructs, characters, and character interactions creating an emergent social fabric, just like a real life society. That is to say, rather than being a singular story, the Antarctic State is a world built for stories to reside within. Work on the Antarctic State's details and intricacies is never done, as there is always more to add, whether minor or major.


There are currently 91 articles, 334 supporting pages, and 185 files in total on this wiki, and work on more will continuously go on for the foreseeable future. This includes commissioned art on top of extensive writing.

Join In! One of Us!
The Antarctic State graciously offers open arms to external participation, or even fan content being made with it. Words alone cannot express how flattered we would be! Many, but not all aspects of the Antarctic State of Cyberia are completely free to use in RP scenes, in art, and any number of other fan-driven constructs, so long as proper credit is given to the author, DELTA. If curious, simply message DELTA any time. Cyberia is not a closed system; this means that if you'd ever like to contribute your own character(s), pitch story ideas, or even ask any sort questions, feel free to contact DELTA with your thoughts.

Discord Server
We have our own discord server centered about the Cyberia setting, its minute details, and what to write about next. New Cyberia art is posted in the discord a week earlier than all other platforms as well. If that interests you, definitely come take a look and stay awhile! https://discord.gg/6YgA7Wd

Fan Characters
The List of Minor Characters is de facto the place where fan characters and minor canon characters alike are stored at this time. Anyone can edit the page, however it should be noted that content may be edited by an admin to fit proper formatting.

Voluntary Donations
Writing about Cyberia is simply a hobby of mine to do when I have nothing else to do. I really love to hear it when people are enjoying my work! All the writing done here is available to read up on free of charge, but if anybody would like to donate a little something towards the hobby, they can do so here: SpitefulCrow - Ko-fi!

Questions? Come and ask!
Questions from fans are a critical source of inspiration and depth in this world-building endeavor. Fans of the Antarctic State are highly encouraged to either contact the author directly, or leave their questions anonymously on Curious Cat, as can be accessed here: CyberiaAndCo - CuriousCat.

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About the Country

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The year is 2206. Innovation is nearly dead. Material possessions are no longer dressed to impress; rather, they are built to last lifetimes. No greater an example of the "don't fix what isn't broken" mindset exists such as that which governs the continent of Antarctica. The ASC is a dormant, nearly totally isolated force dominating the whole of the land. The population thrives, half a billion strong, despite the extreme climate. It bears a resemblance to a mix of early-21st century US, and Soviet/Russian government, culture, and architecture. Under the firm guidance and protection of the state, the public endures the status quo for now…

In the rest of the world, the Antarctic State is best known for its massive military totalling nearly 8.5 million troops, who essentially double as the country's government. This stratocratic state found its roots in centralized capitalist power, and these roots have, long since their inception, slowly shifted towards a nationalistic identity through its progressive disgust against the happenings of the outside world. The government sought to secure the longevity of its nation's future through pinning weaker capitalist entities, and those who resembled such, under its thumb, before it was too late. This authoritarian hornets' nest and its enforcers has now established itself as the state-mandated benefactor of the cohesion of the public. Disillusioned members of society, and other such agents of chaos, are beginning to rear their heads…

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