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This page lists "minor" characters, minor meaning that for one reason or another, writing them a whole separate page is not warranted. These characters may or may not be changed, removed, developed upon further, or possibly get their own standalone page at some point.

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Benjamin Liam Walston

Benjamin Liam Walston was born at home in the city of Koorif, named by his mother Chloe and father Jace, with both agreeing on Jace’s late brother’s name for his middle. He grew up in a healthy home and excelled in his schooling, to which he immediately went on to spend a year in college. However, his household entered a rough patch after his mother revealed to have been in an affair with a coworker of hers. As a result, for some time, Chloe and Jace separated, leaving Walston to live with his father, and the financial burden forcing him to drop out before the start of sophomore year. He maintained a strong relationship with both parents and occasionally took trips every other month to spend time with his mother, who had in the meantime received a promotion in her position in the ASC Interior Protection Agency. Having shown his own moderate interest in the Department of Defense as a career, and with a referral from Chloe, Walston was able to secure a job in Border Patrol as a Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist. Shortly after training, he learned that Chloe and Jace had reconciled, the latter swiftly relocating to Decatur while Walston was assigned to the McMurdo base on Ross Island. Over the course of eleven years, he climbed through the ranks, reaching Master Sergeant in 2205. Much of his career involved rescue missions aboard helicopters based at McMurdo and a few operations on one of the many cutters, as well.


Walston is an otter with brown fur with light tan that extends from his chin down to his lower stomach and underneath to the bottom side of his tail. Fit, slightly muscular build with a strong tail and legs. Short black hair, dark brown eyes.

His work uniform consists of the Border Patrol white digital camouflage uniform with a matching cover and black boots. Civilian attire consists of a black or brown leather jacket, the latter lined with fleece all throughout, as well as jeans and harness boots.

Brayden Michael Knapp

Young adult Husky and Golden Retriever mix with golden and yellow coloring. Recently joined the Border Patrol ADS (Aerial Drone Surveillance). Born in Dover, England, he along with his family emigrated to Decatur, Cyberia when he was five years old. From there he became best friends with Dean Love, becoming the voice for his nearly-mute friend. They have remained good friends despite splitting off on different career paths.While not as attached to his, Brayden does also possesses a mask, which he wears on his off-time.

Despite his curiosity and adventurous nature getting him into trouble at times, Brayden is overall considered to be a good-natured and friendly person who takes care of those close to him. An Extrovert to Dean's Introvert, Brayden can usually be found around socializing with others, and thus has a large circle of friends.


Dean Andrew Love

An only child to Shelly and Scott Love, Dean was born on December 1st, 2179 in Decatur, Cyberia, where he currently lives and has spent the majority of his life. Having a quiet and relatively uneventful childhood, Dean naturally grew up to be a friendly, if nearly mute and very introverted person. He had many acquaintances throughout his life, but only maintained one close long term friend during this time; Brayden Knapp. The two met when they were only five years old, and have been lifelong best friends since, graduating school and completing CMF Basic Training together. From there, the two split off to pursue their own career interests, with Dean joining the Riot Control Corps, where he currently works.

Standing at 'only' six feet, three inches tall, Dean is considered to be on the shorter end of the spectrum in RC, and many were skeptical of his effectiveness with this lack of physical presence. Dean, however, not only proved to be perfectly capable of providing the physicality needed to protect himself and others, but he also makes up for any physical drawbacks with keen skills in observance, profiling, and psychology, turning the information he gathers into cunning and manipulative tactics against those he faces. This ultimately led to his acceptance amongst his colleagues, and has thus garnered new friendships and respect within RC. Despite being largely nonverbal in general, Dean uses his voice quite liberally while on the job.

Dean's home life is very casual and introvert-centric. Choosing to stay at home over going out and socializing more often than not, Dean spends his home time online surfing the net or playing video games. He sometimes has friends over (Most notably Brayden), but rarely ever has more than one or two people over at a time. Though not opposed to one, Dean does not seek out formal relationships, and instead prefers more casual ones. He only works out enough to maintain his current physique, having no interest in becoming any more fit than he already is.


Though his species is officially a Siberian Husky, Dean is often mistaken for a raccoon, given his smaller ears and raccoon-esque markings on his face, including the trademark grey "mask" over his eyes. This grey coloring, also most notable on the top of his head, covering his back and upper arms, and lining the top of his tail; is complimented by the more dominant off-white color found everywhere else. Usually noticed first by others, Dean's most prominent features are his deep blue eyes.

When not in riot control gear, Dean dresses casually, usually found in Jeans and a t-shirt along with a zip-up hoodie or other appropriate cold weather attire when outside. Dean is almost always wearing a black half-mask over his muzzle, the likes of which he started wearing in his teens. Dean wears this mask whenever he is able to, only lowering or removing it when necessary or required. Because of his near-constant wearing of this, Dean's voice has become naturally louder out of habit of making up for the muffling from the fabric, also acquiring a slightly increased lung capacity from breathing through it all the time.


Dean is a very quiet person, only speaking when necessary and using as few words as he can to get his point across. Attempts to get him to talk more usually result in the other person giving in and adapting themselves to his near-mute ways. While this may seem off-putting, Dean tends to be a very friendly, calm, and level-headed person, rarely becoming irrational and managing to keep his cool in stressful situations.

While not speaking, Dean has instead become a good listener, and a very observant person. He likes to people-watch, learning about how they tick and why they do the things they do. This in turn allows him to use the information at work, and finds it easy to read people's intentions or actions and use that to his and his team's advantage. 

Dean uses this manipulation off work as well, taking advantage of people's tendencies to take notice and listen closely to what he has to say during the rare times he does talk. Most of the time Dean only uses this nature for minor and nominal things such as avoiding conflict and small personal gains, but has also at times used this in more prominent situations, such as swaying people to his side to make someone he does not like look like the bad guy, and thus becomes outcast by everyone.


Heather Hathorne

Married mother of two twin brothers. Served one term (four years) in the military. Rather than reenlist, she stayed home to raise her children.

Hunter Hathorne

Loyal husband, and father to twin sons. Works a well-paying construction job.


Ian Mark Sankson

Roxanne's tank commander.


Jeremiah Bullow

Large man, husband, and father of five siblings. Was a high school bully. Works for the government as an intelligence and interrogation agent. Is well-trained in mental manipulation.


Maria Bullow

Mother to Sylvia Bullow, blissfully unaware of the mental manipulation her husband and their sons were inflicting on their only daughter.


Saboteur Hathorne

Playful and energetic one of two husky brothers.

Sebastian Hathorne

More well-behaved one of two husky brothers.


Vesna Volkov

Mother of Riku Tavash; executed by authoritarian neo-soviet regime for willingly losing track of government property.


Zvezdnyy Strelok

Born in Decatur, Cyberia, on 6 June 2182, at Kray Reki Hospital and, to the chagrin of his mother, he was named after his father and was an only child to his parents. His father showed interest in giving Zvezdnyy a “head start” on a military life from the age of four forward, something his mother was not fond of at such a young age for their son. Having served in the CMF as an Infantry Demolitions Officer (IDO) and later an officer of Riot Control, his father’s interest in creating a family tradition of generations serving in the DoD led to him forcing militaristic discipline into his son, and even signed him up for a military school for the 5th grade to spend his remaining school years in.

This led to household conflict between Zvezdnyy’s parents and even minor domestic abuse that went unreported for their son’s safety, and their eventual divorce when Zvezdnyy turned 12, and his mother pulling him out of the academy and putting him in a virtual school system until the day he graduated. It took nearly two years to adjust her son back into “civilian” life, but was successful in doing so, however his enrollment in online education resulted in lack of socialization among other students.

For almost two years after graduating, he spent his time working temporary jobs nearby to afford his own necessities without his mother’s help, but the notable lack of socialization received in high school created a gap he was unable to close on his own and thus caused him to lose three retail jobs over the course of four months. His interests in technology from his time in online schooling, as well as a lifelong passion for the weather, prompted him to take action, however he severely lacked the motivation to take college for four years and refused to rely on his mother to pay for tuition costs, despite her countless efforts insisting she could afford it. Over the course of seven months in 2202 going into 2203, he entered an emotional slump that prevented him from many things, such as finding a new, stable job and attaining the education necessary to start a meteorological career as he dreamed of when he was young. In this time, as well, news came that his father was killed when the flight he was on experienced explosive decompression and lost control, slamming into the south face of Mt. Herschel, taking all 367 lives instantly.

Following the funeral, in which his mother did not attend but did not hold him back from attending, Zvezdnyy was sparked by a sudden drive to succeed before it becomes too late to lead a healthy rest of his life. Taking his military school time into account, he enlisted in the CMF, set on becoming a Special Operations Weather Technician after learning its existence through heavy online research. However, a last-minute change in his ASVAB scores and class availability prevented him from being filed into the necessary classes. Instead, he was offered the final slot in a type of cryptological specialty and graduated as a Cyber Operations Specialist, where he then became stationed in Overcast at Ramiel. During this time, as well, he adopted the English translation of his legal name (Star Shooter) and now prefers to be addressed as such, as he felt it flows better off the tongue than Zvezdnyy. A couple of his superiors respect this preference, although it is not uncommon for him to still be called by his birth name by others less familiar with him.

For the first year of his service, once his regular duties were complete for the day, he would request to transfer to the weather office and offer his help, what ever it may be. Over the course of this period, he steadily leaned away from having to make the request to simply doing it while continuing to ensure his work was done. As of 2206, he had successfully transferred to become a Special Operations Weather Technician and is ranking at Lance (E-3), and remains at Ramiel for the time being.


Zvezdnyy/Star stands at six feet tall, and has a fit and faintly muscular form. His mane is cut short to be within CMF regulation, and he wears a pair of square-framed glasses fitted with corrective and anti-blue light lenses as protection for his eyes due to working around computers for many hours of the work day. On his right wrist, he wears a black and dark grey G-shock watch.

His most notable civilian attire consists of a red plaid button-up flannel shirt with a fleece inner lining, dark blue jeans, and black tactical boots (sometimes with his pants bloused into). Other than this, he can on occasion be found wearing a hoodie among the many in his collection, and in rare instances, service-provided non-uniform gear. The only time he wears anything less than this is at home, where he typically wears just a t-shirt and either sweat or pajama pants to relax in.

His work attire consists of the CMF's CWP (City Working Pattern) uniform, but also owns a full set of the WWS (White Working Solid) uniform as backup in the event of having to work outside of city boundaries, both with eight-point covers belonging to their respective uniforms. When working outside, he will wear a black watch cap in order to keep his ears warm against the brutal Antarctic cold.

Zvonimir Tavash

Father of Riku Tavash; New Red Army conscript. Executed by demand of neo-soviet regime due to unauthorized sexual relations with a female factory worker.