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Before 2206
Keydin dresses fancily in one of their dream states.

Keydin Flint Eversnow is the biological son of Garland Eversnow and Sylvia Bullow, and stepson of Riku Tavash. The few people who have met Keydin in-person would describe them as a terribly shy person, on top of being a social recluse. Keydin considers themselves not to be shy, but instead thinks of themselves as uninterested in the majority of people, while at the same time wishing not to hurt the feelings of those they meet. Keydin spends the vast majority of their time at home and in their room, with the only point of contact between them and the outside world being the internet. As an expert in many programming languages, they are known to work closely with both of their fathers in the men's respective military jobs. Though, Keydin themselves is not officially employed by the state military.


Early life

Keydin was born the second of two children of parents whose strained marriage would soon split in two. The moment the parents finalized a divorce, was the moment Keydin was left behind, solely in the custody of their father, Alabaster Eversnow. Then, during the now-permanent absence of their mother, Keydin was raised by Alabaster and his soon-to-be husband, Rikharthu Tavash. Keydin's father and step-father raised them in a rather affluent household, where Keydin was treated like royalty, where all their needs and wants were wholly taken care of. However, rather than taking advantage of their parents' generosity, Keydin naturally gravitated towards somewhat minimalist styles and preferences.


Keydin very much enjoys learning new things through lone, personal observation, even when they were a child. Just like their biological father, Keydin showed great academic promise in their schooling. Left to their own devices, a younger Keydin would often read and study through their school textbooks, and even college textbooks for fun. Their studies were immaculate, and their timeliness impeccable. Owing to their stellar academic record prior to high school, Keydin was urged by school staff to take a advanced level of classes. These classes counted for undergraduate credits towards any applicable college degree that required them. These classes only somewhat challenged Keydin, as Keydin still met the expectations of a remarkably successful grade school student. After high school, Keydin did not hesitate to immediately move onto college life, nor did Kadic Academy hesitate to accept their enrollment. Thanks to Keydin's prior work in heightened level classes, and with their tuition funded in full by their fathers, it only took Keydin two years to finish the requisite work to secure a bachelor's degree in computer science, all before their 20th birthday. As extraordinary as their comprehension became, the ease at which they focused on and consumed research however came at the highly visible cost of a complete lack of an otherwise healthy social life.

Personal Life

Keydin is very rarely seen outside their fathers' home; a secure house that is located within Castle Ramiel, one of, if not the largest military base in the country. This is where they lead a life of near silence. Keydin generally only leaves the comfort of their home when accompanying one of their fathers, usually as a means to physically assist them in their military works, as an expert in advanced software programming. More often, they just assist from afar from their personal computers. Their software work is done completely voluntarily, which started out as a simple hobby that grew immensely over time. Though Keydin rarely ventures out in the outside world, this is not to say that they are afraid of it, nor are they unaware of its existence. Keydin is simply not interested in much of what it has to offer, and does not feel any strong connections to it or its people. Instead, Keydin has shown that they are much more interested in their own digital creations, including computer programs, virtual living spaces, artificial intelligence, and the infinite possibilities of those natures. In essence, Keydin feels much more attraction to their own fantasies, than to reality. They often enjoy these fantasies through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

Content in their room, they at some point had developed a hobby based around programming, modelling, populating, and interacting within virtual spaces. They spend much, if not all of their free time on and/or in these machinations, where they can create and destroy anything they please; virtual worlds which they call "dream states", and use for both personal entertainment and personal exploration. Their own personal exploration involved discovering many more facets of their own personality, and other topics of the self such as gender identity and sexuality, which they otherwise would not have readily learned of in school. Keydin at this point began to feel much more at home with their virtual spaces, as opposed to physical ones. It was also in these fabricated worlds, where Keydin became "addicted to sadness", insofar as they would readily experience heavily cathartic or otherwise strong emotions without suffering long-term detrimental effects from it, they so thought.

Personality and Traits

Early on in life, Keydin experienced a strong attraction towards solitude, away from anyone except their immediate family. They are known to keep quiet — nearly mute — even at home and around their fathers and, rather than interacting physically with the outside world, they prefer to stay inside, in their own world. Keydin's sense of sociability became so dulled to the point where meeting unfamiliars in-person simply isn't interesting to them. Their fathers recognized these traits in Keydin, and responded by raising them in manner that exemplified empathy but encouraged self-interests. Partially due to living under a high-ranking military officer, and otherwise due to their biological father's generosity, Keydin came to be raised in an almost royal manner; having had all their basic needs well-provided, and lavish gifts and living conditions bestowed upon them on a regular basis.

Over time, being raised so kindly led to Keydin presenting and carrying themselves quite similarly to their father; well-groomed and presentable, although Keydin is still much less sociable than their father. Keydin is aware of their own lack of sociability and lack of interest in other people, and will feel self-conscious and uncomfortable around the average person as a result of not wanting to appear snobbish or contemptuous. Most people mistakenly assume this behavior to be shyness.


Familial Relationships

Bérenger Eversnow
Keydin's grandfather. Bérenger is the father of Garland, and lended a helpful hand in raising Keydin from afar. Throughout Keydin's growth, Bérenger happened to inspire them to maintain a head of hair that is very long yet very well taken care of. Bérenger makes sure to let Keydin know that he is quite proud of their accomplishments, even though they don't often meet one another in person.
Garland Eversnow
Keydin's biological father. Keydin was raised from birth with Garland at their side, learning from him the polite and humble personality they have today. They are still very much attached to Garland, almost to a fault, owing to the fact that the man is the only one of the two biological parents they have ever known. The two are exceedingly familiar with each other, knowing the ins and outs of the other's personalities and opinions, and speaking to each other about their thoughts and feelings on an almost daily basis.
Jaydin Eversnow
Keydin's older brother. Keydin and Jaydin were kept separate ever since the former was born, due to the deliberate actions of their mother. It is for this reason that Keydin has never met their brother in any form except for viewing old pictures taken when Jaydin was about four years of age and younger.
Riku Tavash
Keydin's stepfather. Riku raised Keydin alongside their Garland since their birth, passing along certain aspects of his stoic, strong, and resilient personality. Riku was the one responsible for sheltering Keydin and their father within Castle Ramiel, immediately following Garland's divorce. He is known to treat Keydin, and by extension their father, tremendously nicer than he does most other people. It can be said that Riku often acts like the royal guard to Keydin's rule as a humble prince. Keydin is always happy to see and be around Riku, even though they don't show it.
Sylvia Bullow
Keydin's biological mother. Keydin was abandoned by Sylvia not long after their birth, immediately following the divorce between the two parents. Keydin has not ever met Sylvia once since, except through pictures and descriptions passed down from Keydin's father and grandfather. Knowing this and the circumstances surrounding the divorce, Keydin feels a void where a proper mother figure was supposed to be.