Ian Sankson

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Before 2206

Ian Mark Sankson is an adult silver fox serving in the Antarctic State Military as a tank commander and instructor at the rank of Staff Sergeant [E-6]. Ian was born and raised in the minor city of Texas, Cyberia, and attended a couple years of college almost immediately after graduating high school. He joined the state military around the age of twenty, following a severe lack of interest in continuing college due to social and financial reasons. Ian chose to join the AS National Guard soon after college, and was promptly promoted to Lance [E-3] (as opposed to PFC [E-2]) after basic military training, on the basis of completing desirable college classes with a high GPA before the military.

Ian's first order of business after basic training was to attend specialized training as a National Guard battle tank crewman, starting out learning the ropes as a driver in some tanks, and otherwise as a loader in some others that required one. As he rose to the rank of Junior Sergeant [E-4], his responsibility as a driver was replaced by a new responsibility as a tank gunner. Then, when he earned the rank of Sergeant [E-5], Ian was transferred to a full-time position as a tank instructor. Now, as a Staff Sergeant [E-6], Ian teaches recruits in multiple divisions and departments how to operate military vehicles, alongside training as a tank commander in the reserves during his company's scheduled training months.