Gabriel Herrera

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Before 2206

Gabriel Herrera e Ybarra is a young adult tiger who works at an electronics store in Overcast, Cyberia as a regular cashier. He is the youngest son out of two by a couple of years, and as the youngest, Gabriel is consistently looked after and protected by his older brother, Jairo. He is often described as a gentle person who tries to always see the good in people, regardless of negative behavior. Gabriel was taught the Spanish language by his extended family, before he was taught English and Russian by the public school system.

Among his coworkers, Gabriel is known to be the one who reported witnessing a worker in a different department stealing a customer's lost car keys. Gabriel is one of the last persons to know said worker, a like-aged snow leopard by the name of Jaydin Eversnow, before the latter's disappearance in the second half of 2206. The two were in a tentative, almost one-sided relationship for a length of time, beginning soon after Gabriel got a job at the store. Gabriel himself wanted to help Jaydin feel better about life; however, relationship was ultimately ended due to Gabriel feeling betrayed by Jaydin, who lied about having at least two other relationships beyond the one with Gabriel. Gabriel later mentioned the break-up as a probable spark for Jaydin's last criminal act.