Fabian Herrera

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Before 2206

Fabian Herrera y Navarro is an adult white tiger who was born, raised, and currently works in Overcast, Cyberia. Fabian was born as first child out of three; two sons and one daughter. Fabian grew up in a strong hispanic culture at home, one that forwardly taught him how to speak Spanish, alongside the languages of English and Russian that were taught to him in public school. Throughout his childhood, and even at his age, his parents were big on family, including not only the immediate family but the extended family altogether, alive and not. He would often attend familial activities, on top of always keeping an eye on his two younger siblings.

In his high school years, he met a young woman named Isabella Ybarra y Calzada, who he later married and started his own family with. With unconditional support from both their extended families, Isabella and Fabian maintained a stable relationship living together in the same home. Their first child together, who they named Jairo, arrived when the two were only just nineteen years old; and a second child, given the name Gabriel, arrived some time after their twenty-first birthdays.

Fabian began attending college as a less-than-full-time student around the time his youngest son Gabriel was born. He completed a bachelor's degree in medical science several years later, on top of managing a job and a family at home. Fabian raised his two sons for sixteen consecutive years, before he finally decided to put his degree to use and applied to join the Antarctic State Military with the hopes of becoming a commissioned officer at the age of thirty-seven, two years before he would have otherwise been deemed ineligible for first-time enlistment. While it was certainly challenging, Fabian ultimately secured the rank of Second Lieutenant [O-1], and went on to work in Public Security Section 2, an investigative forensics agency. As he rose in rank to the current grade of Captain [O-3], he was assigned a job as an assistant to a tenured forensic pathologist by the name of Bérenger Eversnow; an assistant job that he still works today.