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This category collects the three major police agencies employed by the Antarctic State Military. These agencies are under three different Departments of the Castle, as to create a sense of balance in the law enforcement brought upon the people of the Antarctic State of Cyberia.

Public Security
Public Security is just that, security for the public. They are police who serve to protect the public of Cyberia; the civilians. They work exclusively in metropolitan areas, giving rise to the nickname of "Metro Police" or "Metro".
Riot Control Corps
Riot Control are aggressive guardsmen. They do their damnedest to weed out especially dangerous persons from the civilian population; stopping and apprehending the likes of kidnappers, armed robbers, active shooters, terrorists, and much more.
Security Forces
Security Forces are sophisticated military policemen. They snag all kinds of offenders of military justice, especially including those involved with corruption in any given unit of the Cyberian government.

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