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For the organized crime syndicate, see Atsumichi-kai

Atsumichi Cybernetics Incorporated (ACI) is a Japanese family-owned, privately held corporation based in Overcast, that is primarily involved in the transbiologism industry, that which transcends biology. The corp researches, manufactures, attaches, and repairs biomechatronics, otherwise more commonly known as 'cyborg body parts' and other attachments of similar nature. On the surface level, the company is well-known to be a well-motivated advocate for cyborg rights within the Antarctic State, due in part to the AS government's tendency to restrict said rights.

The company is owned by the Atsumichi family at the highest ranks, with CEO Sugarashi Atsumichi being at the very top. Sugarashi inherited the company via his mother handing down the titles of CEO and chairman to him in 2195.



The Atsumichi Cybernetics company finds its origins in 2077, through a passionate man by the name of Ishikawa Atsumichi. Ishikawa had previously acquired a master's degree in biomedical cybernetics, and after working as a member of an existing cybernetics company during his college years, Ishikawa eventually separated from that company and started his own.

While Ishikawa very much enjoyed working with cybernetics, he wanted to work in a different direction than his previous company was on-track for. For example, Ishikawa wished to more directly combat the Antarctic State's restrictive legislation on cyberization and cyborgs themselves.

As a starting employee base, Ishikawa recruited many of his own family members and friends of the family who had relevant experience in bionics. Using his collegiate knowledge, plus that which he learned through hands-on experience at the other company, Ishikawa and his team made staggering progress in research and development, going to lengths that similar companies wouldn't even try, for fear of government scrutiny.

Recent Inheritance

The Atsumichi corporation has been family-owned business since its inception. Traditionally, the title of CEO (and chairman) has been passed down to the presiding CEO's biological son or daughter. The most recent inheritance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position occurred in 2195 as a transition between former CEO Misato Atsumichi, a mother, and now current CEO Sugarashi Atsumichi, her son.



ACI is best known for its extensive research, development, and manufacture of biomechatronics. To the average civilian, biomechatronics are better known as "cyborg parts" such the likes of artificial arms, artificial legs, and other artificial organs. The company has product tiers ranging from simple mechanical replacements, up to fully modeled synthetic muscle, bone, and and tissue. ACI's well-developed bionics are generally only bought in order to replace a lost, otherwise natural body part after a severe prior injury.


The Atsumichi corporation offers the leading expertise in surgical and medical services that are inherently involved with biomechatronic products, as only a specific intermingling of the fields of science and medicine is sufficient in order to best understand and implement the processes behind the safe and effective combination of natural flesh and artificial fabrications. They surgically prepare, attach, detach, and repair biomechatronics and their attachment sites; however, stipulation here is that the company only allows the installation of bionics that the company itself produces, as a precaution to ensure the utmost compatibility with its own methods.


The corporation is well-known for advocating for what are known as "cyborg rights", as in, the company is advocating for extended rights and freedoms of those who have replaced one or more of their body parts with artificial ones.

By contrast, the public (especially Japantown) has long since known the Unitary Government of Cyberia to restrict those very rights, mainly through passing legislation that makes it hard for a person to acquire and maintain biomechatronics. The best example of this comes in the form of restrictions on what can and cannot be covered under insurance policies; if an individual is seeking a biomechatronic addition/replacement for their body, insurance policies cannot legally provide that person insurance on the part, unless it strictly serves a medical purpose. Furthermore, the government has also put forth legislation along the lines of restricting what kinds of biomechatronics a person is allowed to buy, essentially disallowing the purchase of an artificial body part for reasons other than medical needs. Punishments are imposed upon discovery of any action that is 1) the sale of a bionic part for non-medical purposes, 2) the purchase of a bionic part for non-medical purposes, or 3) the usage of a bionic part for non-medical purposes. As most people can see, the legislation surrounding biomechatronics is quite nebulous and open to broad judicial interpretation, which is not a good thing for the people.

It is because of this, that ACI has their hands tied in terms of what they can and cannot sell to the general public; however, the company has so far been quite successful in the provision of very high quality cybernetics to medical fields dealing with testing and restoration of lost bodily function. The Atsumichi corporation seeks to open up the field of bionics to the general public, in that they believe biomechatronics should be available for unrestricted use. At the base level, Atsumichi seeks to grant the public the freedom to enjoy bionics to the fullest extent; no barriers included.