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Before 2206

Akira Takeuchi is an adult male striped hyena living in Overcast, Cyberia. He is the closest friend, casual lover, and counterpart to Jaydin Eversnow. The two have a deep trust in one another and tend to encourage each other's troublemaking behaviors. Since they have been close together since the start of high school, the two influenced each other enough that they now have pretty similar personalities, that being two snarky inseparable punks.


Childhood and School Life

Akira Takeuchi was born in 2182 to two hyena parents of Japanese culture. As he grew up, in elementary and middle school it became apparent that he was interested in creative arts, especially graphic design and character art. A young Akira tended to practice art on and off as inspiration came and went went. Though, as he transitioned into high school, Akira tended to spend more of his free time playing games and hanging out with friends.

At the beginning of high school, Akira first met up with a boy by the name of Jaydin Eversnow at the school bus stop they both were designated. Akira was the first one to strike up a conversation between the two, but Jaydin showed signs of distance and aloofness. Akira took Jay's unfriendliness as an entertaining challenge, and it took Akira a few days of bothering at the bus stop to finally get a reaction out of Jay. Despite it being a bit of a negative reaction, Akira made it up to Jay by using the opening to relate to him about various gripes about life. The two began to talk more to each other on the bus and on the walk towards their homes. They would even meet up during lunch time to hang out and eat together. Akira and Jaydin enjoyed each other's company quite a bit, and came to be close friends. They influenced each other in gradual ways; Akira getting Jaydin to open up a little, and Jaydin's constant sarcasm often rubbing off on Akira.

By their second year of high school, when both of them turned sixteen, they began to hang out more after school. Jaydin was actually held to a curfew at the time, but since his mother was most often not home yet at the time he got back from school, both of them figured it was easy to skip his curfew and kill a few hours each school day with each other, before Jay's mom made it home. This went on for roughly a month; a month of Jay and Akira warming up to each other from 0630 to 1630 in person and outside of a school setting. They would usually wander around their neighborhoods, visiting stores and buying things with allowance money, or even simply staying at Akira's house for a bit before leaving. Akira enjoyed showing Jaydin some of his old drawings, some newer ones, and even drew Jay some new art a few times.

At some point, it became apparent that Jaydin's mother had found out about his after-school curfew skipping, as Akira noticed one day that Jaydin suddenly wasn't up to hanging out anymore. Jaydin never told Akira what happened, until Akira prodded Jay about it a dew days after, after school on the walk home. Jaydin reluctantly confessed that his mother was home early one day, and demanded to know why he wasn't. Jay proceeded to emotionally spill the fact that he was physically disciplined for it, and that the physicality of his punishments were harsh and have been going on for years. Akira felt sorry for taking Jay away from home to hang out, saying that it wouldn't have happened if he knew. Jaydin quickly forgave Akira, while also expressing the notion that it wasn't Akira's fault to begin with. The two friends became inseparable afterwards.

Akira and Jaydin began to do the same curfew-skipping hangouts pretty often again, but only after Jay was able to get home first and make sure that his mother wasn't there yet. Since Akira was sixteen at this point in time, his own parents saw it fit to teach him how to drive. Akira later earned his driver's license as well as a used car bought for him by his parents. Akira immediately extended his best friend Jaydin the offer to drive him to and from school from that point forward, to which Jaydin eagerly accepted, yet advised Akira that he'd have to leave his house at the same early time before the bus would come, in order to keep his mother thinking that he was still taking the bus. In addition to this, Jaydin had secured himself a job, prompting Akira to sometimes drive Jay to and from work as well, when available. The guys now had even more time to hang out with each other before and after school, this time with a slightly more private place to interact in.

Akira and Jaydin both were grateful that they could confide in each other about a lot of sensitive things and touchy issues. For example, when Jaydin expressed confliction surrounding his own sexuality, especially regarding his mother's views on the topic, the two gently worked it out between themselves, which resulted in Jay's tentative acceptance of his homosexuality. Later, they both began to use the relative privacy of the car as an opportunity to explore each other more intimately than before; occasionally experimenting with sexuality and fetishes even in school uniforms, and with yet more time, they had even claimed each other's virginity.

Adult Life

Akira went on to complete grade school and graduate at the age of eighteen, after which he spent a few months enjoying a lot more free time than he usually had, and periodically sending out job applications. At some point he got a response from an electronics store, which interviewed him for a position as a delivery boy and installation technician. Akira was later accepted into the position, and though it was daily physical work, he came to enjoy it soon enough. Akira worked at the store for only a short time before he offered to try and recommend his friend Jaydin to the staff, so that Jay could land a job at the same store. Jaydin was ultimately accepted into the store as well, albeit as a cashier as opposed to the same position as Akira.

Mostly through co-workers, the two boys made several mutual friends, and even more online. One of those friends happened to be a professional piercer and body mod expert, who offered them a small discount on even piercings. Akira himself was the first to purchase and have pierced a silver ring through the left nostril, along with one in each nipples and one in the tongue. Akira's clean piercing job inspired Jaydin to get some piercings as well; more than Akira did. Jaydin went a little further with the professional friend, and had his tongue split at the tip, while Akira watched.

It took a while for Akira and Jaydin to eventually be brought together in the same department, but once they were put together, their individual and team productivity went up quite a bit. Despite this, the two boys also got in more trouble than usual, usually due to their snark and sarcasm. Their department manager wouldn't care what they did, as long as their jobs were done on time and done right. Though their store manager would often complain about their punkish hairstyles and piercings, the issues never escalated beyond such simple complaints.

When Akira turned twenty, he applied to and was accepted to a somewhat nearby university, and later declared a major in electrical engineering where he attends just a couple online and in-person classes a week. Akira and his best friend Jaydin still stick with each other through anything that comes their way, proving to be two friends that care a lot more about each other than the outside world. Interestingly enough, Akira has not yet moved out of his parents' house, while Jaydin had to move out as soon as he turned eighteen. Akira's parents have graciously insisted that their son shouldn't have to move out yet as long as he stays in college.

Personality and Traits

Akira is generally a little reserved yet personable around strangers. When around people he doesn't know, he minds his own business, but around friends, Akira loves to joke and play around. His friends would describe him as a semi-boisterous guy who loves to socialize and joke about, but is careful not to go too far. Ever since meeting his best friend Jaydin Eversnow at the beginning of the 8th grade, Akira very slowly absorbed Jay's course personality, leading to a lot of sarcasm and offensive humor regularly coming out of him. This even went a bit further and turned into a unabashed nature to sometimes be loud and obnoxious. Furthermore, with time through Akira and Jaydin's relationship, the both of them influenced each other into enjoying the freedom of polyamorous relationships. To this day Akira entertains multiple relationships, the closet of which is still of course with Jaydin.

As a child growing up, Akira loved to draw on and off as inspiration came and went, and this is still somewhat true in his adult life. He still designs graphics and characters, and even occasionally draws for people, sometimes even getting paid for it. He is often praised for his quickness in starting and finishing pieces of all kinds. Other than drawing, Akira also enjoys spending his free time going out and hanging around with his friends and co-workers. Akira spends the majority of his time socializing with his friends, both in-person and online, getting into conversations and interactions of all sorts, and making good connections on a daily basis.


Personal Relationships

Jaydin Eversnow
Jaydin has been Akira's friend since the beginning of high school. In the several years since, the two have stuck together so well that they might as well have been conjoined. Akira has done a lot of selfless things for Jaydin in his life, without ever expecting something in return except as a joke at times. The both of them have also molded each other's personalities, as well as getting each other into bad habits the likes of smoking and drinking, but good habits as well such as strong work ethic and attention to detail. The two boys proudly show themselves off as a punk duo, showing solidarity and strength in numbers.
Samuel Redford
Samuel met Akira as a co-worker while the former was a cashier. The both of them tended to enjoy hanging out after work, sometimes even visiting each other's houses. Sam was more of a quiet guy, so Akira often would start topics for Sam and him to talk at length about.
Vincent Ackermann
Akira met Vincent through a need to have his car serviced for a couple problems that it was experiencing. Vincent himself was a self-employed car mechanic that only really found new clientele through word-of-mouth. Fortunately for Vincent, Akira's parents were familiar with his work and recommended him to their son. When Akira took his vehicle over to Vincent's place, Akira was invited inside the household to get away from the cold. Vincent generously offered Akira a warm cooked lunch and a guy to talk to for a good while, and since then the two became good friends. Akira even later recommended Jaydin visit Vincent for car services.